Super ace jili ESTUDIO 0618

The Studio

0618 is a professional recording studio located in Colegiales, the heart of the audiovisual pole of the City of Buenos Aires and has been designed to provide the highest quality in terms of acoustics and equipment.

Our Live Room and Control Room are designed in length, width and height following golden and acoustic proportions, the Golden Ratio or Golden Number. We have one Sound Lock and two Iso Booths for musicians who need to be completely isolated when recording, in addition to the variable acoustic doors, useful and versatile when it comes to change the reverberation time of the Live Room.

In short or long hours of recording you will find an inviting place to stay, that will make you feel and live the experience, as if you were in the comfort of your home. The pleasant and relaxed space and professionalism in care and equipment come together in harmony in an original boutique studio, designed in acoustic and aestheticall detail, where the experience of recording, mixing or mastering is resized, that is 0618 Studio.

In 0618 Studio we think and feel that your project, musicians and music are not the most important, are ¨the only important thing¨.